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Friday, July 2, 2010


42 years old, Arthur Borgnis made his "weapons" as assistant director on a dozen feature films. In 95 he directed his first short film "Zappeur". His passion for music led him to become a dj in the early 90s and then as the producer of Charivari in 2003 with singles and remixes will be greeted by Quantic, Laurent Garnier, Alton miller, Rainer Truby ...

42 years old, Arthur Borgnis made his "weapons" as assistant director on a dozen feature films. In 95 he directed his first short film "Zappeur". His passion for music led him to become a dj in the early 90s and then as the producer of Charivari in 2003 with singles and remixes will be greeted by Quantic, Laurent Garnier, Alton miller, Rainer Truby ...

He has made four documentaries and nearly thirty capture live jazz and world music for Mezzo (Brian Jackson, Don Blackman, Taylor McFerrin, Cheick Tidiane Seck, Soil and Pimp ...).

He is working on producing a documentary about Malian music (see teaser).
He developed his first feature film he will run during 2011.

Name: Borgnis Desbordes
First name: Arthur
Nickname: Doctor Donuts
Date of Birth: 29/02/1968
Place of Birth: Boulogne
Astrologic Sign: Pisces
Nationality: Universe
Religious view: Love & Music
Political view: Don’t believe anymore in politics
Family Status: Single
Kids: Garance, 8 years
City you live in: Paris
Activity: Film director, producer, dj
Diggin' since: 1995

Main styles present in your collection / Music types you're the most interested with:
Jazz but I love differents styles, I have no boundaries from folk to soul, funk, prog, electronic, west indies, afro…
Good music is good music.

Little name dropping of musicians you're / you've been listening the most often:
Fela, Poly-Rythmo, A Tribe Called Quest.

Initiators / Prophets / Cultural pillar > Person(s) that bring you into music:
Nobody in particular, It was a long.

The first records / artist that strike you as far as you remember, while kids:
OST « Once upon a time the revolution » Sergio Leone. I had 8 years old and my teacher play this record during the class. I love it so much that I asked to my grand mother to buy it to me.

Records that changed your musical approach:
Kiss (11 years old) / Afrika Bambaataa (12 years old) / Jimmy Hendrix (16 years old) / Billie Holiday (18 years old )...
My musical approach is always in progress I think it's one of the best thing in diggin but J. Hendrix & John Coltrane were very important.

Three musical UFO's (records):
J.C. Vannier « l’enfant assassin des mouches »
Raphaël « same »
Gerald Merceron « L’énergie mystérieuse »


.at the moment: Lilly Tchiumba "N’Zambi"
.to wake up: Highlife at the moment but it change all the time. Let's say Kyeremteng Atwede and the Kyeremteng stars "I go die for you"
.to walk/drive/travel: Terry Callier "What color is love"
.to kill the dancefloor: A bootleg of the doors "Bossarockers"
.to make love: Music that I know very well otherwise I m afraid to be deconcentrate by a track that I discover.
.to fall asleep: Neil Ardley "Symphony of Amaranth"
.to believe: John coltrane "Love Supreme"
.for your funerals: A mix of few tracks that I will prepare , my ultimate mix with Joki Freund "Aisha", Coltrane …in progress

Track of the week
Eskill & Vicky et le T.P. Poly-Rythmo "Ecoute ma mélodie"

Choose and Encode Tracks from your collection:

01° QUARTET JAZZ FOCUS - Sombrero Sam from 'Concert Bulgaria Hall / April1967' Lp
02° MARY LOU WILLIAMS - Praise The Lord from 'Mary Lou's Mass' Lp
03° CHRIS Mc GREGOR - MRA from 'Brotherhood of Breath' Lp
04° NEIL HARDLEY - Impromptu from 'A Symphony of Amaranths' Lp
05° MONTRÉAL - Infinity from 'A Summer's Night' Lp
06° WOOL - If They Left Us Alone Now from 'Wool' Lp
07° RAPHAËL - Dead Sea Scrolls from 'Stop, Look, Listen' Lp
08° WEEKEND feat. ALISON STATTON, SIMON BOOTH, SPIKE - Leaves Of Spring from 7inch
10° GÉRALD MERCERON - Ponya Rouyé from 'Musique du film « échec au silence », Haiti 78, L' énergie mystérieuse ! Une révolution dans la musique Haïtienne et un inoubliable concert de jazz.' Lp
11° GABY SIARRAS - Moana from 'Chante pour Vous' Lp
12° D' ALMEIDA BLUCKY et les BLACK SANTIAGO DE COTONOU - Les Nanes from 7inch

The first record you bought:
Patrick Topaloff 7’’ at 5 years old.

The last record you bought:
Cossy Anatz « same » (Palm – Vendemiaire) occitan spiritual jazz

The most expensive record you bought. At what price. Wich seller.
Ray and his court (350 €) Jet records (jacob)

The best swindle
I maked an advance of 320 € to a record hunter in Africa. We already worked together so I didn't had no reason to be afraid. He never send me back the records this mother f…

The unfound yet
So many…diggin is just made of this…discovering beautiful music from around the world…the best is yet to come

Please quote 5 person according to you that changed contemporary musical history:
J. Hendrix – J. Coltrane – J. Brown – The Beatles – J. Atkins

3 stroking personality according to you, of the last century:
Martin Luther King – A . Hitler – Einstein

In few words, what does "independant / underground culture" make you think of:
Underground became a kind of trademark and fashion stuff. It stinks man…it doesn’t mean anything nowadays,"underground" it’s only a way to sale you some sh…man, underground becam a commercial value…nothing else…like a sticker that you can put on a record, book or whatever . Underground is very different than to be independant…we are leaving in a crossroad of civilisation, new technologies offer to many people the ability to became independant…that’s cool but you must be ready to pay the price to be independant…

Your favorite writers:
Henry Miller – William S Burroughs – H Selby Junior

Your favorite type of literature:

Your 3 most loved books:
H. Miller "Tropic of Cancer"
H. Selby jr "The willow tree"
Jim Harrison "Dalva"

Favorite books about music:
Marc Edouard Nabe "L’âme de Billie Holyday"
Pacadis "Journal d’un jeune homme chic"
Miles Davis "autobiographie"
Pannonica de Koennigswarter "jazz musicians and their 3 wishes"

Favorite magazine / newspaper:
Wax poetic

Do you like comics ? If yes, please what are your 3 favorites?
Well I like comics but I m not fan , I like classics author like Franck Miller and Crumb.

Favorite directors:
John Cassavetes - John Ford - Michaël Powell - Sam Peckinpah

Favorite movies:
«Heavean’s gate» Michael Cimino
«A Matter of Life and Death« M. Powell
«Night of the Hunter» Charles Laughton
«Husbands» J. Cassavetes
«Gun Crazy» J.H. Lewis

Favorite OST:
«Les dunes d’Ostendes» François de Roubaix
«The Adventurers» Quincy Jones
«La planète sauvage» Alain Goraguer

Favorite movie melting cinematic and musical qualities:
«Vanishing Points» R. Sarafian
La Planète Sauvage
Space is the Place
«Psycho» Hitchcock

Favorite philosophical subject:
wife / freedom

Some of your most loved painter or graphic artist:
F. Bacon – V. Kandisnky – Fluxus Collective

Favorite museum:

What was the job you wanted to do while kids?

One thing that change your life:
Birth of my daughter Garance

Please quote three others passion that jazz your life:
design, movie, photographie


. dance: Vodoo
. meal: Beef rib
. drink: Red wine (bordeaux or côte Roti are my fav)
. character: no idole
. drug: wax
. way of transport: vespa px 125, bike and teleportation
. animal: chameleon

What about sport:
what's man favorite sport... héhé Be carefull sport is very dangerous for your health, if you want to live old, don’t practice sport!

The best visited country:
Mali for my documentary « Djeli ». Segou is dope man ...

The most unusual place you ever slept in:
In the garden of the villa borghese in Roma, believe me there is very stange and vicious things happening by night in this garden, I was broke and expecting money transfert from France… Oh man, this wake up was so beautiful, the sky was orange , the villa Borgese was so beautiful… I felt so free…

Next country you would like to visit:
Brazil, Columbia… South America

Best place to play records:
No matter, it depend of the vibe... but beach and sunshine is ok for me. But no club, I hate what clubbing represent...

Best place to make party:
On the beach

One sentence that could be a device:
What is not killing you make you stronger.

3 words describe diggin:
curious, shearing, money…

3 wishes:
.Producing films I want to shoot.
.Happiness for my daugher and people that I love.
.Live human aventure, great meeting.

Last kind word:
Massive massive to «les mains noires», glad to see 2 crazy guy from a new generation involve with passion to discover and share holy grail from the past.

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  1. ".to make love : Music that I know very well otherwise I m afraid to be deconcentrate by a track that I discover."

    hahaha! sooo true! happend to me many times^^!! it's very shocking for the other person when they aren't into music like this... hahaha made me laugh so hard reading this!!!

    my first interview that i've read! really really great concept : )