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Thursday, July 28, 2011


.10 African Tracks Recorded from Rare Original 45rpm.
.Photographies brought back from diverse travels to Africa.
"Born in 1974, Florent Mazzoleni is based in Bordeaux. He began as a journalist for various media - Les Inrockuptibles, Le Monde 2, vibration, VSD, L'Optimum, Ulysses or Geo - before devoting himself to writing books on music, covering various musical genres such as rock, disco and funk.
Music lover and collector of vinyl, he developed a passion for African music he discovered in 2005 during a meeting with Ali Farka Toure in Mali.
Since then, he devoted himself fully to a better understanding of African music through the writing of books, conferences and compilations.
In the meanwhile, he devoted himself to photography he sees as complementary to his work."
Africulture's biography of F. Mazzoleni

Here are 10 African Tracks Recorded from Rare Original 45rpm carefully selected in Florent's extensive record collection.

01° AMA MAIGA et les Almany du Mélodie Volta - Deny Tologueben | Burkina Faso / Edition Volta Discobel / VDBO35
02° HAMAD KALKABA - Tchakoulate | Cameroon / Sonafric / SAF1682
03° MAMO LAGBEMA - Love, Music and Dance | Togo / Mamo-Disc / MD011
04° MENELIK WOSSENACHEW - Mekaberene Liyew | Ethiopia / Ahma Records / AE810
05° MOUSSA DOUMBIA - Faux Marabout | Burkina Faso / Kibaru / KIB10
06° OUSMANE M'BAYE - Mininouss | Senegal / Vogue / EPL7839
07° DUO N'GOLA - Carnaval | Angola / N'Gola / NGAE500
08° TELELA KEBEDE - Alemiye | Ethiopia / Axum Records / A001
09° ORCHESTRE BLACK DRAGONS de Porto-Novo Dahomey | Benin / Albarika Store / ALS85
10° TENTEMBA JAZZ DU MALI - Yankanimissa | Mali / Badmos / BB229

.Photographies brought back from diverse travels to Africa.

to be continued... Personnal questionnary, pictures from home and more music coming soon!