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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Edson is one of the biggest figure of São Paulo's digging scene, more than 15 years of vinyl researches made him a huge reference for Brazilian music but also for groovy library sounds as his collection would turn pale more than one.

There are people whose kindness doesn't know any border, Edson is one of them.
He's one of the first people I met while my first trip, here, in São Paulo. That was in August 2011 and he took care of me like no one can do. Bringing to some of the best place to find records, advising me a very lot about that Brazilian music that I was just discovering and being always present to help me for whatever I could need. He quickly turned into a very close friend and someone who I wanted to humbly tribute.

Always looking around for new place to dig, one of his favorite spot keep being that basement in downtown São Paulo, full of 7 inches. Really impressive space when you get in for the first time!

The mix that Edson made only features 'Compacto' (Brazilian name for 7inches) coming from this basement ! As well, most of the pictures are from this spot who turned into an amazing playground for photography ! Then, as all portraits, this post came with the usual survey, a gallery of photos and a small text from Edson that he insisted to attach with his prolific 27 tracks mix-tape.

Much ingredients which, I hope, will satisfy both your ears, eyes and curiosity!