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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

057° .DIRTY BRAZILIAN JAZZ. selected by Les Mains Noires

Yes I know...almost 9 months without a proper selection... I can only apologize for this and tell you that no, I do not forget you and no, I'm not dead! Just starting a new part of life in Sao Paulo since a bit more than a year now. Goma-Gringa's project is taking the main part of my time, and It's a pleasure! My records are still in France and I do not have a correct system to record my new founds here. That are the reasons of such an absence!

But here finally is a new selection!
I'm proud to present to you 18 tracks collected mainly while my six first months here. You'll easily understand the title referring to the successful 'Dirty Caribbean Jazz' serie and his raw, oldie and perfumed mood! So yes, that's a 48 min long journey through Brazilian sounds from the 40s, 50s and early 60s that I propose to to you to discover or rediscover.

The selection featured Samba Jazz, Batuque, Chote, Capoeira, Baião, Pontos Cruzados and more... Trying to give you a small overview of the Brazilian musical diversity and richness.

Give it an ear, and please, let me know your thoughts about it.