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Monday, January 24, 2011

040° .EXISTEREO. interviewed by Flat Spectrum Crew in 2007

Extensive interview of one of the Shape Shifters pillar!
Extensive interview of one of the Shape Shifters pillar made by the Flat Spectrum crew, in 2007, in Lyon - France.

Check "Whyknows", bonus track coming from limited edition 7" produced by Porter.

So Exist, maybe you can do like a little presentation of yourself; where you're coming from? what you've done? what you're known for? I don't know, maybe you could tell us about the image you've got of yourself in the business? How you define yourself?
It's a funny word business...
I'm Existereo from the Shape Shifters, Los Angeles born and raised and Candy22, Whyknows, Overfins... all that shit.
The business and the politics of the industry in music, I don't care anymore. I always made music cause I like making music and I cannot lost that for a minute with too many damn asses around me and people telling me what's what. I know what I like and I don't like and I don't need to be told so the business I don't care about that anymore. I just like making music.

How you feel about France cause I know that it has been a long time you're coming here and maybe sometimes you're staying here for a while. How do you feel about the atmosphere here? Are you working here?
France is always great. I've been to Roubaix, Nancy, Metz, Lyon, Paris. Few places... And I feel pretty comfortable with here. And I think I've come here at least once a year if not more for the last 4 or 5 years I think, since the Shape Shifters came out here. I spend like 2 or 3 month here with all the Institubes guys, working on a record for them, and that's taking a loooong time but it's cool, it will be good when it's all done.
But I love France, I love Europe in general but France especially. Like, good shows, good people, good times. And I'm always surrounded with nice, the people that i'm with, like the groups that I hook up with like Ddamage, TTC or whatever... They tend to care of me. You know you can go to smaller country or somewhere places and people can't get you weed or ... stupid things you know but It means a lot when you are on the road. Here it's never really a problem, everybody always is on top of it and considered.
It's cool. I love it around here. If I could, If the record come out and that is good, I'm gonna live here about a year, if everything goes well. Here or Latria. Cause I lived in Portugal about a year and a half so I'm already kind of familiar with the European ways I guess. I like Spain and Portugal, I like Europe. Europe is great.
America is great too but it's totally different. You give up a lot of things out here they don't have here that they have there but who cares cause we don't have things there is here. So it's worth when you give up for the things If you cannot appreciate what's in front of you. There is so many great things here. I'm always having a good time.

What kind of rock music you like? What are the groups that influence you the most? Because in all your music, rock is really here, you're like a rapper but maybe you could be rock'n'roll, like slamming or doing that type of shit. What is your rock?
I'm schizophrenic, I don't know what I want. I grew up; my dad was in the music industry and so my family was friend with like Black Sabbath and stuff like that so there was always good music player in my house so I grew up around good stuff. And then from like 5th grade to 12th grade, I was just a Hip Hop psycho, I didn't want anything than Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop. And then I dropped to the high school and I get a job in a record store and I just started getting exposed to really great Jazz, really great Country, any kinds of things and It brought me back to what I originally, while grew up, listened to and things like « Tarapsulead » or Dead Matter Anymore, Eagles, Rolling Stones or whatever. Really great songs, incredible song writers like Johnny Cash, blablabla... And, I just understood that there is good music in everything, even Polka or whatever, there is great music out there, you just got to find it.
And with rap, the things I love with rap is; it's a stolen culture, all the music is stolen, like it's stolen from already existing sounds and already existing music that other people made. And you were just flipping and putting a twist on it. I mean now it's just slicing and everything is so much technical. I look at it like, you know, rap is like a form of stealing in a way but not steal like for thievery but steal to make something more, to field out of it.
But I listen to rock nowadays and it's like, you know, The Strokes aka Ramones, Wolf Mother aka Zeppelin, you know what I mean, everybody is kind a sound of something; Lenny Kravitz aka Beatles. It's all like: « Hey! They stole that shit! » But it's ok cause they're making another song and there is so many patterns, you can do many melodies, so many notes before it get a circle over. You're not doin' intentionally stealing, but you're just building evolution on things. And that's great!
Hip Hop is like, so many things that I liked it cause I didn't have to look a certain way, or act a certain way or talk a certain way or dressed a certain way, I just do some graffiti writing, music loving fucking nerd basically. And I love the rap and the fact that I like Jazz or Punk or whatever... First for a while there was kind of way in Hip Hop but now it's expected. Everybody's suppose to be more diverse and more open minded. For a long time I had fight with the Shape Shifters, on tour, I was trying to play Tom Waits or Ramones or something and people were making fun of it.
I really remember that they were making fun of Johnny Cash, the 1st cover album that he did, when he did the U2 song « One Love » or whatever... And everybody was laughing like « who is this guy, trying to sing this shit, it's horrible ». I love Johnny Cash and look what happened, everybody is « i love Johnny Cash ».
So it's cool, like it all comes around like « i was the one, i was the one », I don't care, I just want everybody to listen to everything and judge for themselves what's what and do not be told what's what.
With hip hop, I can scream, I can rap, I can rime, I can not rime, I can do whatever I want and it's still hip hop to me because there are no walls, no box. I can do whatever I want that's what's hip hop, that's what's punk rock. Hip Hop and Punk Rock are very similar, because; Fuck you ! I do whatever I want because I don't care about your rules, your walls, your box, I just like doing this and it make me feel good and think that people will comes out and give a shit and listen. I'm really fortunate, I know that so... Every time I try to fuck up my life or fall off and not make music, I realize that « Damn I have the opportunity were, I have so many friends in a way more talented than me, but they don't have a follow, they don't have fans... » Whatever it is, it allows me to be here, so I know I'm fortunate and I can't fuck that up. I got to get advantage of the opportunity. It's a pretty place, everybody is caught up of being miserable, I'm kind of tired to be miserable, I need to be happy for a little. Sorry all my depressed fans but... Let me have for a minute. Try to do it at least.

Who are the graffiti artist that you really like cause if people know about you they certainly know that sometimes you're doing some graffiti shit. How important is it in your life?
Graffiti is a big part of my life, I mean I don't walk around telling everybody « Look! Graffiti! Graffiti! » It's more like, not a secret, but I just don't feel any to share with everybody. It's more something I do for myself, I like doing and I don't do it for the fame I do it cause I like writing on shit, I like caching tags, I like doing rooftops, I like climbing on stuff, I like being wild you know. And it's fun.
And I grew up doingit, It's in my blood now, I can't go anywhere without a marker, I feel weird, I feel like my watch is gone or something like. And CBS, my graffiti crew even since I was little kid, I wanted to be from CBS, I used and used letters and working' and working'. And once you get into that, It's like the royal army, It's like the elite. And now I'm there and so that's what I always wanted so I'm always gonna stay true to that. I hate people working so hard to achieve something and then they get there and they are like « ehm, i'm over graffiti » It's like « What?? You're over .. ? »... « I'm over rapping... » « what??? » I mean; it's your life or it's not your life. And that's my life, I'm CBS forever, no matter what I do, I'm gonna have be CBS, even if they kick me out « Fuck you ! I'm from CBS ».
My favorite graffiti writers are people from my crew, as kind like Byest, Craola, Sell, really great artists like Quick, Lex, ... Really great shit, AlexParty is incredible, Craola did my last cover, The Hopeless Crooks album.
But really, graffiti, to me, I have a big problem with modern graffiti because, the internet really created a bastard child out of graffiti, like before you could go to a district or a neighborhood, I can be in L.A. and I can tell about the graffiti, where I was. Cause of styles, those people talk those people talk those people talk those people. For now with the internet, flicks and everything, some kids from Japan is pimping someone guy from Australia who himself pumped from from a kid from Nebraska. So they stole, but they don't know that they stole from a thief. But it's ok to steal now. Before it was more like « Oh you're pumping letters ». That doesn't happen anymore, It's more whatever you wanna do, it's ok. And so It's really easy to be a dope graffiti writer now, nobody question you on. Before It was like « Yes that's a cool piece but those are Risks letters, or that's K2S letters. ».

And right now, when you say « Oh! You pumped those letters !», people are like « Ok man, I do whatever I want, It's not his letters, I do my style... ». Right here in France you've got sort of problem like this around the German style. Some people here are really in the German style, the old one from the 80's. People are copying it like straight copy on the wall. Here you can say like « Yo man, this style, you copy it, I must show you the letters! » and people are « Hey man I do my style! Brand New! ».
They mighty don't believe it. Because they've seen in the back of their head millions of photos. Somewhere it's there now. As suppose to before the only thing you could see is in your neighborhood, and If you are copying somebody, you're copying someone in your neighborhood, and they can kick your ass. Now some kids from Germany is not gonna come here to say « That's my shit! ». It's not gonna happen so... It's whoever does the picture first kind of wins, and that sucks. It's not really what it's about. I don't know, It's weird with the internet, you're not really a legend if you're posting your own pictures.

Did you see Infamy?
Yes, Longevity did a soundtrack for it. He is a good one, It's an interesting guy. east Coast is a little « Eh ehm » they're doing some other stuff over there. But it's cool, It's definitely cool.
The real real graffiti writers it's really weird because there is a fine line between the street thugs and the art gallery kids.

I don't know if you are into battles or something?
I battle only if I have a reason to battle. I don't like stranger battles. I don't like when people are like « Oh battle this guy! » It's like « Why? I don't have nothing against him, he's alright! ». But if I have a reason, If I'm mattering, I go after you. And there is some people I'm going after right now, I can't really talk about it too much, he's a pussyassmotherfucker. As soon as he comes out and he will be on you too, me fucking serving all of them. It will in a near future Existereo serving the shit out of some mother fuckers. So when you see that, just go « Oh you was talking about that.Ok. ».

OK no problem.
People, an money, and managers « you can't serve people, you're ruining her careers » « Careers? This is rap music, this is street shit. Whatever... » I'm over the business you know. Fuck the business. Take it back from the streets. Back to the legitimate rap music. Factor artistic, creativity, differences of whatever. I can't bullshit on other people and their bullshit. I'm so tired of everyone say: « Keep the real! Keep the real! Do this! Keep do that! » And then as soon as they get the opportunity of fucking sell out or do whatever, they're gone. Bang! And it's the first who is at the door. It's just like « Pfff, man! How did you talk for so many years a certain way and then as soon as you get the opportunity you're gone ?». So... whatever... It's all good...

Now, what are your favorite rappers or guys who impressed you? Technically or musically I don't know... and why that?
MF Doom, MF Doom and MF Doom. Oh no no no, Victor Vaughn and King Geedorah also. Cause he is the sickest. I mean that who was, you know, KMD, Zevlov X, Peachfuzz. I love all those stuff and he disappeared, you know, Subroc, the death and all the stuff... I understand whatever, the business I'm sure, It just get him frustrated with Black Bastard or whatever. That album went into a lot of different of technical crop, different label, reissues... He just disappeared for a while and when he came back he was just like « Bang! » « Who is this Metal Face? Oh that's him ! ! !!!.... »
He just sing what he wrote for ten years and he just have no bucks. And every song he did is incredible. Although of Victor Vaughn part2, which is still a good album, but everything else he did is incredible. And he pulls out like 4 or 6 album a year. That's hard to do, and to be consisting, and to sound dope. So he's just amazing. Nobody can fuck with him, technically or lyrically, everything, it's all cool. It's not just words.
I like a lot of people that... I listen to their stuff and then when I really study them they're singing shit, but it still sounds cool. I mean, It's cool, It's a vibe, I feel it. It's alright, I don't care what they are saying at the moment. Even Mike Jones Power or Little Wayne, they are singing stupid shit but that's cool, I feel it, It talks to my soul from their soul and I can feel that. It's legitimate.
So whatever is legitimate, whatever is real, whatever is good. I'm really torn because I keep going back on Double X Posse, Big Daddy Kane... Anything new is really hard for me to get into because it's again with the copying. And I hear something and I'm like « Damn that sounds just like my friend or that sound just like so and so... ».
There is a lot of stuff that impressed me and obsessed me at the same time because it's like stolen. And then people like Micah 9, they don't get the credit for being in this amazing, but then somebody else makes an album, don't know what Micah 9 is, but they know this kid, and this kid sounds just like Micah 9. And it's like « fuck! ». It sadder me when I see people that should be rich, that should be enjoying life so much better, but they never gonna be appreciate for what they were given to the world because peoples don't think they are the one who gave it. Somebody else stole it.
So it's weird, I get upset. Like I love RA the Rugged Man, there is stuff right now that I'm feeling you know but it's far and few. There is not that much, it's more... I don't know If I go to my apart right now, It's all Black Sabbath and Stop Humans, all kinds of shit really. I mean who got the .. ..OH! Men!! God hate me right now! !!... (his glass fall down)

Wich is the song that you listen to when you want to be motivated to work or getting you up?
Public Enemy that always works, anything like Doom, not MF Doom, but Doom, a dark metal band. Really it's the mood, I'm really so schizophrenic, one day I wanna a nice mellow jazzy song, one day I wanna scream... whatever that day is. Really I have thousands of Cd's, from before I do music, I was always a fan, I buy a lot of Cd's and I have a problem, I can't go to the record store and sell my cd anymore. My girlfriend or my manager has to do it cause whenever I go it's 300$ cash or 500 $ credit, and I go credit and then I came back home with others Cd's, and she is pissed of cause we can't pay the H2O bill... whatever... I'm listening to good music all week, it's cool! But no, I buy a lot of shit so I have like thousands of Cd's in my house literally, and they are all alphabetize cause I worked in record stores, I always had a job I can have some neurotic about alphabetize all my shit, so I can find when I need it.
And now with the iPod, Jesus Christ... I was against iPod forever, and now I have an Ipod and it's like the 30Go or 80Go or whatever, I don't even know. But I have like 7000 song on this shit, I just put it on shuffle and it's like a giant mixed Cd forever, It just doesn't stop. And it's all songs that I like I put on, So I'm never unhappy when work comes on.
And there is people like Deeskee, digging in the record crates, like really psycho guy, saying that you can't sample from a cd. And I'm sitting in my bed, sampling my iPod, and then he came so pissed saying « You can't do that, you can't sample an iPod! » « Why not? Yes I can do it, it's fine. I'm not a producer, I'm just rapping on this shit. You guys are producers, I'm just making a beat so... ». I just go to shuffle and I go to 5 random songs and I'm just sampling it, not planning nothing, just doing it. It's kind of funny.
Let me see what I put on everyday. I've been listening so much to Little Wayne mix cd right now. It's so fucking good. I can't believe I got it here. Certain band like Nirvana, certain band that I hate forever. I'm not feeling it until one day, someday someone tell me « listen to this, I know you like music, listen to this », like « smoke a joint and listen to this ». Ok, Ok it's good, I come around. But there's others things like « Listen to this » « No that's bullshit, I'm not gonna buy that crap ».

Here in France, the indie rap, if we can call it like this, just grew up. And there were people like Anticon and that type of stuff, every independents, like Subutans or whatever independents, they came up and you and all the Shape Shifters crew, you came up with all those guys, here. What is your opinion about cause in people's head you are the indie scene. What is your opinion about there type of music like?
Who are you talking about? Atmosphere, Sage Francis... All the white poet rappers basically?
I don't know. I mean everybody does it from his different owns. Like all the Atmosphere stuff, Slug has always been a really good guy to Awol and certain people. And treated us really good, and taking care of us when they are in her town, they open up for us. They wanna make sure that we have good show, things like that.
I don't care like how successful this connected will become from the real world. If you still make the little less effort to be a real person in those kind of situation, then I really respect that. Amel Raussy has always been really really good people to us. All those guys, like Circus, we hooked up with all of them, I really like Dose, I like Why?, I like all the producers Jel, Odd Nosdam, they are really talented. And they moved on to other things like KeepInTime and all that with Mike Path and everything. So you can tell that they will always try to move on to another thing. And there is nothing wrong with that but I'm happy where I am, I like my scene and my people. I don't say that I don't wanna grow, I'm like always goin' somewhere on vacation but I always wanna come back here. This is where I'm known, where I'm comfortable, where I'm good at.
Those guys, they always seems that they wanna make something else, like they wanna be the first guy they say...
The biggest argument I have with underground hip hop right now is; anybody doin' anything really incredible, like even astronauts. People are not my friends you know, that I really considered great musicians, great rapers, like Black Pear from Dark Leaf, all those people they say « I'm not doing' rap anymore! » Well I just saw your show and you're rapping' over beats, I don't care if you have a violin player, and 2 singers and a fucking dancing monkey. You're still rapping, whatever you wanna call it. They wanna go to EmoRap, indie whatever... It's just like « No way, it's rap ».
Even the Hip Hop/ Rap thing, I never understood the difference. I like rappers like Too Short, NWA. It's all Hip Hop, it's all rap music to me. Hip Hop is supposed to be more a state of mind not a music, not a definitive sound, it's how you're acting. And people get confused with that.
But, everything that is really good right now, like Buck 65, he gets a review, and they say that Buck 65 hates Hip Hop. They were like; he says some shits like most underground rappers are ignorant, they don't know about music, they can't read sheet music and stuff like that. And so I wrote him, cause I get a kind of offended. It was like « What a fuck does that mean? You are on our album and I can't read sheet music. Does that mean I'm not a musician? My brother is just graduated from Liverpool Institute of performing Arts. He got a degree from Paul Mc Cartney. He can read sheet music. If you guys wanna make an « apper » go ahead. But I'm making rap music and what you're talking about doesn't really apply. ». And then he says that he wanna be known as a song writer, not a rapper. And I get it! I totally understand it. Like rapper; immediately people think ignorant and not beautiful. Fuck it's not fair but, by those people saying « I wanna be called something else because rap is considered like this. » It discredit rap. But If they would say « I'm a rapper, this is rap music, and it's beautiful », Then they make rap lifted up, as supposed to try to get away from it. And they are still doing fucking rap you know.
So that's what really make me mad with like, the more Avant-garde scene. When it comes like, you know Def Jux, I mean I guess they are Avant-garde or whatever but Aesop, he kills, he is a rapper, you know, straight out cage rapper. Those guys, like new kids Despo, who is not new but the new album is really dope. That's all really good music and it's evolution but it's still root Hip Hop core rhyming you know. And they are not like « We try to do something else ».
I hate it and it make me crazy because they are turning her back on rap, and if you are ashamed to be an MC, you shouldn't never been a fucking MC. And I ever considered you are and you tell me that you are ashamed of it. Get the fuck out of my face cause that's everything I believe in and you are just shiting on my all world. So fuck you. And if people wanna battle over, fine, if people wanna break a fucking bottle on her face over it, fine. I can handle however they want. But I feel very strongly about this shit.
The people are writes me back when they get all the internet crazy and write out: « What are you saying? Who are you for saying this? ». Buck 65, he writes back really mattered like « Can't you understand, I wanna be viewed as more than just that, because whatever I do is really good ». And I'm agree with it. He is a really good writer. But he don't have to tell me that, and by telling me that, he kind of make me not appreciate him as much. So if that is the question, I don 't know...

That's it! That's pretty much it!
You know we work hard to find some of the best lyricist with our association, like the Shape Shifters, like you, like Subtitle, like Kill The Vulture,... I really want to know if the English League, I just find that one wich is a pretty early one. And we work hard to find some of the best work, like you, like Global Phlowtation, Dark Leaf... Is there some others dark groups like those ones?

Dark Leaf and Global Phlowtation is pretty much L.A. underground dark rap, there is some others groups like The Cuf, I don't know if you have heard of The Cuf from Sacramento. It's not quite as dark, but it's still banging, It's good stuff. They were part of Living Legends or kind for a while.
Nade the Grey/Great, one other guy still producing and doing stuff.
Cuf Daddy is a good album from The Cuf, More Money More Problem is another one. There is some few album, Cufish or maybe that has just been a tape so...
Cause that's the problem, lot of this stuff on CD or tapes can be lost, and if you didn't get it on computer it got lost cause there is so many tapes and demos. Like eight generation of horrible sounding tapes, like CV, HipHopClan... they got a lot of stuff. L.A. Cool has really great stuff.
L.A. Cool is the hugest influence on me, Micah 9 is an huge influence on me. There are groups I just can't think of their head, people that are really great, they got over looked, and because they didn't have any success or anybody helping them, they gave up. It happens you know, like it happens to a lot of great people. Like Jurassic 5 and Dark Leaf were used to be one group, Unity Committee and Cut Chemist who did all the productions. There is some Dark Leaf stuff who were produced by Cut Chemist before he was produced by Big Wylee. Ok that's cool, but it's not that great. But yes!! It's good. Like Lord Juna, Fuckin' Up the Earth, Zero... I can't remember. It's not an album, It's just titles.
You guys, if you really want the track, write me, I'll try to remember my best to try to mail you a Dark Leaf tape. Dark Leaf tape Fuck The People, that's only Longevity, Jaly, Metalogic... Himnal, I don't think that he is on that album, he made a song with Cut Chemist, and he is on Beneath The Surface and the Black Pearl, I don't think he is on that album neither, and then Cloud 9, he is not on that album.
There is a lot of Dark Leaf guy who wasn't on that album.
Hungren is crazy, he is out of mind, he lives in the streets, he is fucking crazy... Black Pearl is a recovering addict and now he is good, he is doing really well, because he was really Woohoohoo... for a while so ... Dark Leaf was really like; they didn't just sound dark, they were dark.
The reason I rap is because of Dark Leaf, they were the one who were « I know you wanna rap, come, it's open mic! ». And then I was like « What do you mean? » « Rap mother fucker! » so « Ok I have to so...Ok ».
And they put me out of my shame, got me to be. So I have a really good appreciation, finest for Dark Leaf. They were an incredible band, they help me out a lot. But they were so, like, wild, get so fucked up, just out of control. They blows a lot of opportunities and shows by just being on acid... I just put my eggs to wall? and do shit. And people were like « What the fuck? ». And then « Why i'm putting up this shit? » and then you listen to their tape and then « Oh yeah! cause this is one of the greatest stuff I ever heard». If they would just has been a little bit more organised, they shoul be superstars now. They should has been in Black Eyed Peas before that kind of movement. They should have. Longevity brother's is Army X from Black Eyed Peas. They are brothers.

Really!?! When they were in Atban Klann and all that shit?
ATBAN KLANN ! !!!!! Yeah !! ! I get fired . ....
I worked for RuthLess records for 1 day. And I get fired personnally by EasyE because I said « You should dumb all this shit you have, and put all your money in that group Atban Klann. ». And he says « You don't anything about hiphop, you are fired ». And then they put out Bran Side and all that shit, lost all her money. Whatever... And then who comes out? Black Eyed Peas! The white poet knew after all.

That's great! I didn't know that!
But I guess they have a lot of brother...
Even Taboo from BlackEyedPeas, he is on some others DarkLeaf stuff. That's funny! It's a small world!

How do you feel right now, cause, you've seen and maybe you've participate to some GoodLife Café shows, like the good old times, for us, and you've seen all that crazyness, inventivity, real fast rhymes... How do you feel passing threw that and getting right now to a world of business? How do you feel, like evolving? How do you evolve in it?
I don't know, I really don't.
Like GoodLife, Fellowship and all them, they kind of fuck themseselves. Because they wereso good, everybody wanted to work with them, everybody was scared of them. And on top of being so good, they were elitist, they were very kind of like: if you go to Blowed, or if you go to GoodLife, you'd better come with them. They will put you on stage, no matter if you're doin ' a bad job. I remember of Company Flow playin' in L.A. once, and Fellowship was there and they were calling him on stage to come rap, and they walked out of the club, and they didnt come rap or notin'. And shit like that was like: Ok all those people now, El-P is makin' money now, Grandaddy made the Magnificient cd, you know that stuff. But those people remember that kind of shit, when you are elite, like snob. Not snob, they were just like, they don't wanna be stollen, you know they knew that people is going to steal it in a way or another. And that's what happened, they just got stollen. But by then being so elite, people are able to steal it without being obvious. And that's kind of what fuck them up. I think they are so good that people wanna to keep them away, because if they become a part of our world, then we have to raised our level. And if we don't allowed them to come in this world, then we are cool where we are. And I think that's what happened to them, they get blocked door on a lot of shit. And with us, in the underground and everything, everybody, it's all, there is no planed fields, everything is scrambeld and when one work for Subtitle, one work for me, and when he work for me, I'm gonna work for Dic. Everybody has to do his own thing and find their own way to be successfull and keep movin' to music. Cause even if we have a lot of the same fans, we don't get same deals, we don't get the same tour. Everybody gets different opportunities, and it's really weird cause it all come from the same pole of talent. But Shapeshifters like, if we don't make one of our greatest record on the next one, I want us to break up. I know that lots of people will feel upset of hearing that but if we don't make a record that is better than all the other record we should'nt be making anymore records. And everybody is so busy, managing their carreers and their lives, and I understand, I don't hold it against anybody cause you've got to pay your rent. But if you don't have time to give to the group then, let live the group better than he was and not draggin' the group to the ground. That's not sincly shit. It's a special thing and if we can't keep it goin' like that we should stop before we kill it.
And some people understand it, some people don't, and they're like « No way, this is forever, we could be Shapeshifters forever » and it's like « Yes but, I wanna be Shapeshifters, and I'm proud of, right now I'm proud of my group and of what we've done, and I wanna keep it that way. And if we have to stop it, let's be it. Cause solo we all go on, we will do music still, and if we doesn't, we should be doin' anyway so...we will see ».
Like Awol always says: « Oh yeah! We're gonna break up so we can have a reunion tour! » It's a funny joke but it's sure, we will probably have to do that for everybody to get shocked to be like. Cause it's like a safety nake ShapeShifters, like « Oh I cannot do nothin' for years and then If I wanna go on tour I just call up and see what the group is doin', it's not fair to treat the group like that. It's a real thing that need your hundred percent effort ».
So I don't know where is the evolution of this right now, and the HipHop scene right now becaus eit's so weird I'm doin' like fuckin' Techleach or whatever you wanna call it, I'm so bad with parxies of music and putting sounds in categories but you know the Institubes record are BnTictic... . You know like electro shit, I have my collaborations with ?Murvous to hed? like I have my collaborations with rockers. It's cool I work with so many different people. I know I will find a place.
But for everybody I don't know, I know a lot of people who are talented, and ain't gonna find a place, and gonna have to do something else, it's not gonna be a weird time...

Ok. Maybe to finish you could tell us about what you will put out in the next month or years. What you're workin' on right now?
Oh ok. It's a loooooooong list but, I have a alpha pop record almost done, it's about to come out. I'm on label called Grimmin' Age but I have a solo album self produced comin' out. It's gonna be more like the mixterings but my beats, more original beats, not stollen from million dollar producers. I have Whyknows album, that we were working on, and we just put it on a stezo from Galapagos 4, he is on the Whyknows now and Rederick, I don't know if you heard of Rederick, he's on BusDriver album, he is on the Whyknows now and my brother is living back in L.A. from England so we are get it goin' pretty good.

You will be working with your brother?
Yes, with my brother, in the Whyknows. And what else...?
I'm working on like an electropunk album. Idon't know when it's comin' out. Candy22, I got a new album with Factor producing again and then we have another album that kind of comes out, it's a cd tour but we took 7 songs oof it and put new songs on it and it's comin' out as a real cd.
And Awol and I work on a live album with Candy22, he's gonna remake some of that songs and then do original songs, all with live band. There is so much stuff, there is so many things I'm thinkin' of and I go crazy. We're doin' a CBS album, we're doin' a lot and lot and lot of stuff so. And I have lot of album like just already made, then we are waitin' to come out because of the others releases... That's why I hate politics and business, because « No we have to come out at this time, at this time, at this time. And then you can't put that and that on this time because it's too different. » I'm on 5 labels and they all get pissed. I just take the money where I can get it! But yeah, no, that's cool.
I have a lot of thing comin' out. But really Candy22 that's pretty much my ?awtinical? right now. I wanna bring Barfly to Europe. He needs to come out here. We just need to get him a passport cause he's a drunk illegilimate person in the society. But it's ok! It's all good!

OK, Thank you so much for this. Much respect.

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