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Friday, March 25, 2011

042° .NINGUEM DE LUZ A CEGO. a portrait of Grégoire de Villanova

"This gentleman has inspired many with his taste and pushed sounds that were yet to be appreciated by many collectors and Djs worldwide, so much gratitude to his help in finding much lost music to keep our dancefloors of today on there toes" Turning Point

10 Tracks | 7 Pictures | 67 Questions

"This gentleman has inspired many with his taste and pushed sounds that were yet to be appreciated by many collectors and Djs worldwide, so much gratitude to his help in finding much lost music to keep our dancefloors of today on there toes"
Turning Point

01° TETA LANDO - 'Angolano Segne Em Frenté'
02° GUY CONQUETTE - 'Assez Fait Cancan'
03° SOLON GONCALVES - 'Nataly'
04° MARIKENA and THE FLASH GROUP - 'Dancing In The Street'
05° ???
06° AMADOU BALAKÉ - 'Aminata du The'
07° THE LION AND CALYPSO CUBS - 'Kalenda March'
08° PAT THOMAS - 'I Need More'
09° BOBBY VALENTIN - 'Guarabembere'
10° SCORPIO - 'Tilulupe'

Firstname: Grégoire
Name: De Villanova
Date of Birth: 07/12/1973
Place of birth: Paris
Astrologic Sign: Sagitarius
Nationality: Franco-Brésilienne
Family Statute: Concubinage
Kids: 1
City you live in: Paris
Activity: Music Producer, Deejay
Digging since: 1992

Music types you're the most interested with:
Jazz, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Latin, Africa, Brasil, Caraïbes.

Little name dropping of musicians you’re listening the most:
Mulatu Astatke, Gil Scott Heron, Elis Regina, Rail Band, Henri Guédon

Initiators, persons that brings you into music:
Dondi, Mark Weamers, Latif El Otmani

Firts artists that strike you most as far as you remember
Stevie Wonder, Michaël Jackson, Jorge Ben, Chico Buarque

Records that changed your musical approach:
.James Brown 'Funky People'
.Mulatu Astatque vol°4 Buddha Compilation
.Super Djata Band 'Authentique 80'

Three musical UFO's (records):
.Pedro Santos 'Krishnanda'
.Orquestra Afro Brasileira 'Obaluayé'
.Tribo Massahy

According to you, some of the best
.Musicians: Coltrane, Edson Machado
.Band: Baobab, Mutantes
.Lyricist: Carlos Lyra, Vinicius De Moraes
.Singer: Pio Leyva, Sarah Vaughan, Jackson De Pandeiro
.Producer: B. Gordy
.Dj: Pal, a man called Warwick
.Label: Strata East, Blue Note
.Instruement: Trumpet

Favorite format: Any
Favorite place to dig: Shop's dead stocks
According to you, the best city in the world to dig:Any

4 best records collected:
.Gil Scott Heron 'Winter In America'
.Rail Band blue cover
.Os Ipanemas
.Parisian All Stars

The best piece you ever find: Solon Gonçalves CBS Lp
The best deal ever made: Abidjan dead stock
The best miss: Abidjan dead stock I missed
The best swindle: Spectrum, brazilian rock group, for 10 brazilian masterpieces.

The first record you bought: Herbie Hancock 'Man Child'
The last record you bought: Mayito Fernandez
The most expensive: Ivo Nilakreshna Lp at 500 Euros from Latif
The unfound yet: One of Henri Guedon's cover of 'Son Tamboo La'

Best track ever: .to wake up: 'Song for my father' Horace Silver
.to kill the dancefloor: 'Zombie' Fela
.for your funerals: 'Peace go with you brother' Gil Scott Heron

Please quote 5 person according to you that changed musical history:
James Brown, Joao Gilberto, John Coltrane, Jorge Ben, Chuck D

3 stroking personality according to you, of the last century:
Césaire, Kennedy, Pierre Verger

3 words to describe what politics need nowadays:
Dedication, Competence, Generosity

In few words, what does "independant/underground culture" make you think of: Life

Your favorite writers: Steinbeck, Confiant, Tolkien

Your favorite type of literature: Novels

Your 3 most loved books:
.Raphaël Confiant 'Ravines du devant-jour'
.Aimé Césaire 'Cahier d'un retour au pays natal'
.Patrick Chamoiseau 'Solibo magnifique'

Favorite book about music: P. Quignard 'La haine de la musique'

Favorite magazine/newspaper: Fluide Glacial / Le Monde

Favorite comics: Achille Talon, Edika, Larcenet

Favorite director and why in 3 words:
John Cassavettes: love, excess, addiction

Favorite movies: Killing of a chinese Bookie, Love Streams

Favorite OST: Superfly

Favorite movie melting cinematic and musical qualities: 'Shadows' Cassavettes

Some of your most loved painter or graphic artist: Matisse, Braque, Heitor Dos Prazezes, Romare Bearden

Favorite museum: Museum Afro Brasil (Sao Paulo)

First show you attempted: Renaud
The last: Push Up

What was the job you wanted to do while kid: Clown

One thing that changed your life: My daughter

Please quote 3 others passion that jazz your life:
art in general, challenges, travelling

.dance: Samba
.meal: feijoada
.drink: cachaca
.character: Cosmo Vitelli
.drug: hash
.disguise suit: Priest
.way of transport: plane
.animal: jupara

Best visited country: Brazil !
Next country you would like to visit: Zanzibar
Best place to play records: Turning Point
Best place to make party: Criolina

The thing you hate the most: fakeness

One sentence that could be a device: Ninguem de luz a cego

Three words to describe digging:
creativity, perseverence, patience

Three wishes:
More digging
More finding
More spinning

Last kind words:
thanks !


  1. Super le blog ; un vrai plaisir pour les yeux et les oreilles... Je reste branché ! Kaat.

  2. Greg is one of the very first and really serious diggers, open minded and with a really good taste of music. I wish the best to him for his future projects


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