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Monday, March 8, 2010


14 obscure Italian grooves comin' from Libraries, SoundTracks and Lp's from late 60's and early 70's selected by Victor Kiswell and served with pictures and interview done while recording.

14 obscure Italian grooves comin' from Libraries, SoundTracks and Lp's from late 60's and early 70's selected by Victor Kiswell and served with pictures and interview done while recording.

01° RIZ ORTONALI  -  Serena e Lomunno
02° I MARC 4  -  Ray Ban
04° EVASIO RONCARATI  -  Central Park
06° PIERO PICCIONI  -  Tnt Dance
07° DANIELE PATUCCHI  -  La Dimostrazione
08° GIULIANO SORGINI  -  John Dalton Street
09° GIULIANO SORGINI  -  Straight Jacket
010° GIULIANO SORGINI  -  Wandering
011° H.CAIAGE  -  Violence
012° PIERO PICCIONI  -  Blue Rhythm Festival
013° FRANCO MICALIZZI  -  Spies and Guys
014° GOBLIN  -  Snip Snap

4 Best Records Collected
Serge Gainsbourg "Melody Nelson"
Andy Bey "Experience & Judgement"
Stefano Torossi "Feelings"
Dorothy Ashby "Rubaiyat"

Rarest Record Ever Found
Ninety Psycheground

Best Deal
Sunday morning, in the suburbs: 5 copies of Bruno Nicolai's "Primavera" for 0,75€. At that time, the value of this record was at his peak: 300€.

The Unfound Yet
A record I do not know.

Last Record Bought
"Madeleine, anatomia di un incubo"
A groovy and spooky Italian soundtrack by Maurizio Vandelli.


To Wake Up: 'Baltimore' by Nina Simone
To Travel: The 1st Lp by Funkadelic
To Kill The Dancefloor: The Dub version of 'Problèmes d'amour' by A. Robotnick
To Love: Har-You Percussion Group 'Welcome to The Party' (you'll never make love the same way)
To Believe: The Electric Prunes 'Kol Nidre'
To Fall Asleep: 'Liquid Sunshine' or 'Half Forgotten Daydream' by John Cameron
For Your Funerals: Barbara Mason 'A Good Man Is Gone' (no... It's a joke)

Track Of The Week: El Rego 'Dit Moi Oui'
Track Of The Month: Curtis Louisar 'Auto Stop'
Track Of The Year: K. Frimpong 'Kyen Kyen Bi Adi M'Awu'

Others Stuff Collected
Impressions & Sensations


Drug: & Sex
Meal: Yummy !
Dance: Smurf
Disguise Suit: George Clinton 1977
Character: Changing
Books: Lots !
Movies: Swedish 60s
OST: Italian 70s
Musicians: German & Italian
Instruments: Vibraphone & Rhodes
Labels: CAM
Record Shop: Follow me if you want to know
Place to Dig: the Earth
Format: Lp

Last Good Show Attempted
Cut Chemist @ La Maroquinerie

Next Country To Visit
A place in the Indian ocean

Job Expected as a Kid
Marine Biology Searcher

Most Unsual Place You Ever Slept In
A Maya pyramid in Guatemala.
A bed full of cockroaches & beetles in Pushkar.
A Tibetan monestry in Badhgaya.

Most Hated Stuff
Pretence, Silliness, Privileges, Ungratefulness

3 Words to Describe Digging
Curiosity, Discretion, Memory

3 Wishes
. Folks: Please stop playing low-fi mp3 in parties!
. Majors: Please open your archives to people.
. Paris: Please wake up

Last Words
Remember that a tune can change your life !

©LesMainsNoires/Frédéric Thiphagne


  1. Je reconnais ce salon...

  2. Superbe compilation que j'ai deja ecoute plusieurs fois. Merci! Aussi en passant, l'interview de VK sur le blog Dust & Grooves et les photos sont excellentes (ainsi que les photos sur ce blog ci)

    Ca me donne encore plus envie d'aller creuser moi!

    Fred de Melbourne, Aus

  3. Je découvre le blog, c'est somptueux! Bravo à tous. Ce mix est particulièrement génial, j'adore ce type de son. Merci!!!

  4. Bon, bon, bon !
    et les visuels , faud , un vrai délice.
    Salute !

  5. I remember when I discovered Victor Kiswell's blog.......I think I 'lost' a couple of days! ............and I'm loving Serena e Lomunno / Riz Ortonali...........big up Les Mains Noires c'est formidable!

  6. Vincent from paris 9February 11, 2012 at 6:38 AM

    excellentissime compilation, les italiens ont pondu un paquet de merveilles... Dommage qu'elles ne soient pas évidentes à trouver (et pas données...).
    Super blog et visuel.
    Merci pour tout...

  7. every French People like a lot Italian soundtrack music
    every Italian People like a lot French Library music


    there's a connection going underground?